At DES, our staff is comprised entirely of legal professionals who have either attained their J.D. from an ABA-accredited law school, or are currently licensed to practice law in a variety of different jurisdictions.  This interplay between foundational education and real-world experience allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the land services market.  There is no substitute for having a team of lawyers perform any full title or due diligence project.  DES brings a decided advantage to many of the major oil and gas companies to which we currently provide land services in the Appalachian Basin.


  • Energy independence and increased standard of living
  • Quality, high-paying jobs
  • Clean-burning fuel source
  • Enormous tax base contribution to states in the basin
  • Passive income for mineral and surface owners
  • Increased property and fair market rent values
  • Boon to local consumer-based businesses as population influx continues to occur
  • Increased capital investment in the form of roads and other infrastructure
  • Relocation of corporate offices
  • Development of further job growth and tax revenue through supporting industries
  • Institution of industry-specific educational programs at our institutions of higher learning